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The basics of Marquee Matchups

Hey everyone.
In this article, I will talk you through an explanation of marquee matchups, the concept, the timestamps and the most important parts. We’ll also take a look at what you can expect on this website in terms of marquee matchups.

Marquee Matchups is a Squad Building Challenge which gets released every single Thursday at 6 pm (UK-time). Here, a row of 4 matchups will be featured in an SBC series where a price poll is on the line. The demand for these SBCs is usually, and especially at the start of the game, in huge demand.

This means we’re able to make profit of it if done correctly. Through predictions and given investments you’re able to make loads of profits with marquee matchups investing and in particular a high ROI (Return on Investments) at a low budget.

Marquee Matchups investing was probably the most popular series I ran on my Instagram during FIFA 20, which I honestly didn’t expect. The support was insane and I’m truly thankful for that

Marquee Matchups on TheDanishTrader.com

On this website, you can expect weekly marquee matchups investments and recaps.

Be aware that the majority of marquee matchups will be password protected, which means you’ll need password access in order to get access to the content.

I will do my best to release some week’s investments as public posts and 100% of Marquee Matchups recaps should be public posts! But due to the fact that we will impact the market if posting all investments publicly, the majority will be password protected.

To read more about how to gain password access to All Trading Methods, go to either Go Pro or Patreon

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