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What is a Live Investment?

Hey everyone.
In this article, I will talk you through my definition of an investment and we’ll take a look at what you can expect on this website in terms of live investments.

Investing goes under the definition of the following ‘put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.’ In FIFA, investing is referring to the same activity of buying cards, holding them for a period of time and then selling.

As probably expected, ‘Live Investments’ means current and most relevant investments for a given period of time.

Live Investments on TheDanishTrader.com
On this website, you can expect loads of Live Investments. The majority of live updates will be password protected, which means you’ll need password access in order to get access to the content. This is simply due to the fact that investments don’t work as well if a large group of people all invest or follow the same rute of investments at the same time. Our own community will end up screwing each other’s investments as we manipulate the market. We want to avoid that at all cost, hence the reason why Live Investments will be password protected.

All investments will also be posted in the private discord group.

To read more about how to gain password access to these Live Investments go to either Go Pro or Patreon

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