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FUT 20 Trading Results

With years of FUT trading and investing experience I was able to make 20m+ coins this year with limited time and commitment. There’s no doubt and especially no reason in hiding that my one and only main focus has been interacting with traders, followers and community friends for this year’s FUT cycle. I’m not only satisfied with my own results this year compared to the time and effort put in, but also glad I didn’t grind more because it would’ve forced me to take time away from other places.

The Start of FIFA 20

After creating a new account a few weeks before the start of FIFA 20 I did not receive transfer market access for the first few weeks of the game. I started trading properly around October. Along with making daily content for the social media pages I landed on around 5 million coins around November, which is around the time where I took a break.

Took a break to focus on creating content

From November till April I rarely logged on FUT. I wanted to focus on creating content and interacting with the community rather than trading in my own lane. The only time I Invested a bunch of my coins was before FUTmas where I ended up making 4 million coins into 7 million.

Returned a few weeks before TOTS

I returned around start April where I started trading with icons, which took me from around 7 million coins to 10 million.

Team of The Season Trading

At TOTS release around mid/late April I decided to properly trade for a little while. During MC TOTS and PL TOTS I focused on flipping some of the newly released cards which resulted in great profits. Bundesliga TOTS was the week where I wanted to try my chances in making the most profit possible. I invested a total of 11.5 million coins and managed to sell for 18 million. Here are a few highlights.

3-4 months of trading comming to an end

After Bundesliga TOTS I went through my club and sold the majority of my players, which took me to around 20 million coins. This has been my FIFA 20 trading recap.